A few words about us.

As an independent producer / sales-organization of all types of electrical cables, we are serving a very wide market. We are specialized in electrical cable and everything related to it.

Knowledge of the entire cable industry provides us, in conjunction with the above, the possibility to deliver special cables that are not in stock quickly and without problems. Besides special cables, we have a large stock of cables daily as efficiently and effectively as possible traded by our team.

From all industries known clients find us. So we are actively include installation, mechanical engineers, electrical wholesalers, panel builders and horticulture. For horticulture we have developed a special cable for irrigation systems. Ingenuity is one of our best strengths, thus we emphasize the multifaceted nature every day that the company colors.

Our service is also targeted at specific customer confectioning. You can think of specific lengths, plugs, connectors and assembly of cables. Our highly trained and experienced staff assist you in word and deed. They experience solving your needs as a challenge!

In recent years we have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Of course you, as a client, will benefit as well. We are your partner and value a personal approach.

Service, reliability, flexibility and logistics are key in our organization.

Want to know more about our services? We are happy to answer your questions and invite you cordially to contact contact us.